Bath spa gift set - argan oil moisturiser & sleep aid for anxiety, 100% natural & vegan, made in france

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Bath spa gift set - argan oil moisturiser & sleep aid for anxiety, 100% natural & vegan, made in france

Bath spa gift set - argan oil moisturiser & sleep aid for anxiety, 100% natural & vegan, made in france

Pris: 624,00 kr
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  There is a reason people call it beauty sleep. Sleep and beauty go hand in hand. That's why we have created this perfect little gift set designed to tackle both the health of your beauty and your sleep. Wake up with a healthy glow, fresh, regenerated and rejuvenated. Whether you are gifting it to someone else or yourself, it makes for a perfect package. TREASURE OIL In the beauty world, Argan Oil is often called 'liquid gold' for its amazing benefits for our skin and hair. But, did you know that not all Argan Oil products are created equally; some argan oils can get oxidised. At this point, the oil will get a strong odour and most of the healing benefits you are using it for will be lost. That is why at 1001 Remedies we have taken every precaution to ensure you get only the most premium quality products.  100% PURE, CERTIFIED ORGANIC: by USDA. The argan oil is cold pressed to preserve its antioxidant qualities. Vegan, not tested on animals and no artificial additives, fragrance free. LIGHT, MOISTURISING, FAST ABSORBING: deeply moisturising for a silky & shiny hair as well as a radiant skin. Not greasy, no strong smell and long lasting. ARGAN OIL FOR HAIR: Very rich in phenols and carotenes, 1001 Remedies argan oil is a natural hair relaxer for frizz. Rich in nutrients, it is deeply moisturising the follicle for a silky, smooth and shiny hair. Use as a hair conditioner just before shampoo. ARGAN OIL FOR FACE & SKIN: 1001 Remedies argan oil high levels of omega 6 reduce skin blemishes and stretch marks. Vitamin E anti-oxidant deeply protect the skin for a wrinkle-free, youthful appearance. Add in your moisturiser or use as a serum on the face at night. FAIRLY TRADED: ethically sourced and harvested by experienced argan tree farmers in Morocco. Bottled and tested in France. Cold-pressed to extract the essence of nature. GOOD NIGHT  Does stress impact your sleep? Want a good night's sleep but don't want to take sleeping tablets and other chemical alternatives with side effects? Try our 100% natural and organic sleeping balm Good Night. Featured in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and House & Garden magazine. ALL NATURAL SLEEP AID: for kids above 3y old and adults. The organic aromatherapy formula is Made in France with 11 pure essential oils. Good night sleeping aid is not tested on animals,  chemical free with absolutely zero parabens and phthalates. No synthetic fragrance, perfume.  BETTER SLEEP & BRIGHTER MORNINGS: Whether after a stressful day at work, between exams or if your kid doesn’t switch off before bed; the divine smell and soothing essential oils help you relax to fall asleep quicker and have a deep sleep. Result: you feel refreshed in the morning with a lifted mood. PROMOTES GOOD SLEEP PATTERNS: chamomile oil and lavender oil have a calming effect on the mind helping to de stress; St Johns Wort helps with anxiety relief; sweet marjoram switches the nervous system from active to passive to help sleep quickly. Unlike with sleep tablets, there is no drowsiness or addiction risk with Good night sleepy lotion. YOUR BEDTIME RITUAL: before bedtime, massage the sleep aids for adults and kids inside the wrists, on the chest, on the plant of the feet, on the temples and along the spine to unwind. Combined with mindfulness techniques and exercise, it is a highly effective stress relief cream.

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