Call of Juarez The Cartel PC Game

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Call of Juarez The Cartel PC Game

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When a Mexican drug cartel bombs a U.S. law enforcement agency, the U.S. government puts together a special task force to hunt them down. Play as Ben McCall, a brutal LAPD cop and descendent of Ray McCall, or Eddie Guerra, a DEA agent with a chronic-gambling habit, or gang-affiliated street kid turned FBI agent, Kim Evans. As you dig into the mystery of the bombing and fight to dismantle the cartel, you'll embark on a blood-soaked road trip through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and, ultimately, Juarez, Mexico. Features: Hunt down the Cartel and experience the lawlessness of the modern Wild West as you journey from Los Angeles to Juarez 3-Player Co-Op: Play the 15-mission campaign mode solo or with up to 2 friends Triple the replay value: Play the entire campaign with each of the 3 characters Game play variety including punitive raids, witness protection, tough interrogations, undercover missions, car chases and more
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