Digital Alarm Clock for Children

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Digital Alarm Clock for Children

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Intelligent digital alarm clock: we can read accurate time on the alarm clock and set two different alarm reminders on it. We offer a personality setting for alarm reminder. You can control it ring every day, on business days and from Monday to Saturday. Alarm ringtone and volume are adjustable. Bedroom night light: the digital alarm clock is also a timed night light that can accompany you to sleep and then turn off the light when the timer ends. The maximum adjustable time is 60 minutes, which means no energy is wasted. KIDS SLEEP TRAINING:The digital alarm clock can imitate sunrise and sunset lights, which can help us develop good sleep habits. When we set a training time to 7:00, it will gradually be brighter from 7:00 to 7:45. When the training time is at night, the light changes from bright to dark. Sound sensor screen: if the digital alarm clock has no connect the power supply, the screen will enter sleep state. It will wake up for 40 seconds when the surrounding is louder than 56 dB. We can wake up it by clapping, tapping, and speaking. Homework Timer & Play Timer: We can set countdown time to plan children's homework time, play time and cooking time. It rings for 3 minutes to remind us that the end time has elapsed. The maximum adjustable time is 59 minutes.

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