Eczema Soothing Baby Sleepsuit with Foldable Scratch Mitts 6-9m

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Eczema Soothing Baby Sleepsuit with Foldable Scratch Mitts 6-9m

Eczema Soothing Baby Sleepsuit with Foldable Scratch Mitts 6-9m

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Baby Sleepsuit with foldable scratch mitts ? 6 to 9 months Sleepsuit helps relive eczema moisturises dry & irritated skin reduces itching with built-in scratch mitts. Also features flat seems with soft thread and no label to ensure maximum comfort. Our sleepsuits have been specially engineered and clinically tested to repair your baby's skin. Our sleepsuits feature unique technology - Previously only available on prescription The DreamSkin technology is coated on to the surface of HappySkin baby sleepsuit which forms an invisible protective layer. This helps to regulate your baby's skin temperature and protects their skin against irritants in washing detergents. Sleepsuits designed for babies with sensitive skin - Recommended by doctors & parents The DreamSkin technology featured in our sleepsuits works by mimicking normal skin by correcting the flow of moisture and regulating the skin's temperature. This means that your baby will never too be too warm or too cool. Sleepsuit made with TENCEL - Premium-quality fabric Our sleepsuit is made from 100% biodegradable TENCEL cotton fabric which is made from eucalyptus wood making it fresh and highly breathable so your child can enjoy lasting comfort. Whilst sleepsuit are traditionally designed to be worn under clothing HappySkin is designed to look good when worn on its own. Key Features Patented Technology Can be worn 24/7 Helps skin to self-heal Foldable mitts Tested & loved by Mums Sustainable & soft fabric Science guarantee No more messy creams

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