Elou Mouse Trailer Pull Along Toy

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Elou Mouse Trailer Pull Along Toy

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Elou Mouse TrailerMade from agglomerated cork, wood, felt cotton Elou Mouse Trailer accompanies the toddler’s growth and development. Pulling the mouse provides a stimulating way to learn to walk. The cheeses and loose elements with which the child can interact by placing and removing from the trailer provides a tool to understanding the connection between animals and food. Cork is one of the most sustainable products known to man. The cork bark is stripped from trees using hand held axes, a process that is repeated every 9 years. A harvested cork oak tree absorbs 5 times more CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce global warming. A cork tree can live for 250 - 350 years.Cork's thermal and acoustic insulating properties also help in the prevention of allergies, and it's resistance and non-abrasive qualities, weighing at just  0.16g per cm3, makes it an ideal choice for children’s toys.

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