Front LH Electric Window Reg(W/omotor) for TOYOTA COROLLA , 2001-2007

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Front LH Electric Window Reg(W/omotor) for TOYOTA COROLLA , 2001-2007

Av AC Rolcar

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Window Regulator A window regulator, sometimes known as a window lifter or window mechanism is the mechanical apparatus inside your door that lifts the window when you press a button or in some older cars when you turn the winder. These regulators are quite a common failure in some cars, they can fail due to icing in winter or just through time. The good news is that window regulators are relatively straight forward to replace, in some cases you can replace just the mechanism and in other cases you need the full unit including the motor. Window Regulator Problems Problems with window regulators are common.A broken regulator cable can cause the window to jam or fall inside the door. In colder weather the window can often freeze in the closed position .Then when the window switch is pressed the window can seperate from the regulator and thusly breaking the regulator. In some cases the window can be re-attached to the regulator in others however the regulator must be replaced. The most common problem is general wear on the regulator over time and consistent use or over-use Fitting Position: Left When referring to left or right, it's a global industry standard that left and right is referred to from the point of view of sitting in the car looking forward. This window regulator fits on the left side of the vehicle. Technical Specifications Operating Mode : Electric Fitting Position : Left Motor : Supplied Without Motor Fitting Position : Front Door Fitment : For 4-Door Models Only Additional Info : Antipinch


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