Horn, Bone & Coconut Pointed Guitar Picks In A Gift Tin

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Horn, Bone & Coconut Pointed Guitar Picks In A Gift Tin

Pris: 349,00 kr
349,00 kr + 50,99 kr Leverans

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Material: Coconut, Black Horn, Clear Horn & Buffalo Bone. Instrument: We recommend Funk Tones for both Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitars. Tone: Buffalo Horn has the closest tone to the fabled Tortoise shell picks and thus rounded and warm. Buffalo Bone has very clear clean tones, which can help to add some brightness to the tone of most guitars. Coconut Husk is surprisingly hard and as such has clean bright Tones. Design: Funk Tones were designed to meet a need for a sharp Jazz Tip whilst also giving superior grip. They have an indent detail for the thumb, which gives an accurate position to return to having moved the thumb for a pinched harmonic. They also have a scooped detail on the underside, which comfortably accommodates the first finger and helps to stop rotation. Funk Tones are hand sculpted to be very smooth, rounded and comfortable. Contents: This tin contains 1 of each of the Funk Tones Guitar Picks.
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