Lunch Box Bully by Hans Wilhelm

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Lunch Box Bully by Hans Wilhelm

Lunch Box Bully by Hans Wilhelm

Pris: 84,00 kr
84,00 kr + 51,99 kr Leverans

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Max outwits a bully and makes a new friend. This Level F book is perfect for firstgrade readers. Big Bob is a bully who takes Maxs lunch. Maxs friends try to help Max deal with it. Dont look at him says one friend. Max takes his friends advice but the bully takes Maxs sandwich anyway. Be nice to him. Give him a gift suggests another friend. Max gives Big Bob a lemon ice but the bully squashes it on Maxs head. Big Bob doesnt like lemonswhich proves to be useful information. Max starts bringing
  • Kategori: Barnböcker
  • Format: Paperback softback
  • Publiceringsdatum: 2022-01-18
  • Sidantal: 32
  • Förläggare / Bolag: Holiday House Inc
  • Språk: English
  • Författare: Hans Wilhelm

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