Universal Control Cabinet Key

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Universal Control Cabinet Key

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Purpose: Used to activate the lockout system from the facility engineering, gas and water supply and shutdown system areas. 1. The key and reversible drill are connected by stable stainless steel wire, and the weight is optimized by zinc die casting design 2. The double key has 5 different shapes, square, triangular, half-moon, stepped and round with pointed tip.3. The multi-function key can open the doors and windows of trains, cars, lifts, subways, electrical control cabinets, meter boxes, ships and instrument keys (magnetic). 4. The 8-arm reversible drill with slot 1 x 7 mm and cross slot ph 2 consists of 2 keys with 4 wheels, which are connected in a space-saving way with magnets. Square: 5/6-7/8-9/10-11 mm Triangle: 7-8/9-10/11-12 mm Bidirectional key end: 3-5 mm Half-moon: 6 mm Stepped square: 6-9 mm

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