Potty Feet Flower Fairies Elm Tree Fairy Plant Pot Feet Bronze Color Set Of 3

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Potty Feet Flower Fairies Elm Tree Fairy Plant Pot Feet Bronze Color Set Of 3

Potty Feet Flower Fairies Elm Tree Fairy Plant Pot Feet Bronze Color Set Of 3

Pris: 329,00 kr
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Our antique bronze coloured Elm Tree Fairy Potty Feet plant pot risers have been custom designed and manufactured by Jardinopia Ltd, working in conjunction with Penguin Random House Limited under our brand name Potty Feet. All of our Potty Feet are handmade from a durable poly-resin and crushed stone based material, ensuring that they are frost proof (and can be left outside all year around). They are all hand painted using UVA resistant lead-free products, and will therefore not flake or fade outside. Our 'Elm Tree Fairy' pot feet comprise a set of 3 individually designed figures, inspired by the original Cicely Mary Barker's character drawings of the 1920's. This set is also available in glorious full colour. Our Potty Feet enable your plant pot or planter to stand evenly balanced on any surface - whether in your home or outside, and displayed beautifully on your decking, patio or window sill - adding a little bit of glamour to your pot, whilst performing an important function. Our Potty Feet are designed to take any weight of pot Flower Fairy Potty Feet are official globally licensed products, courtesy of the global publishing company Penguin Random House Limited who own the licence. We also have five other unique sets of 3 Flower Fairy Potty Feet to offer. Cane Companions Why not combine your purchase with one of our beautiful Cane Companion Flower Fairies - we have 20 different versions on offer Packaging Each set of 3 Flower Fairy Potty Feet come beautifully packaged using 100% recycled and FSC certified materials, in our own custom designed and branded kraft card packages, making this an ideal and unique gift for loved ones, friends and Fairy fans. They are also safely encased within a foam protection layer (also made from 100% recycled material), ensuring that breakages in transit are highly unlikely. Our packaging can also be recycled after use. So Why Give Your Pots A ‘Little Lift’? Our Potty Feet will help to: Improve air circulation for healthy root growth Prevent water-logging Reduce frost damage to your pots by improving drainage Prevent unsightly decking or patio rings Prevent staining to your carpet, wooden or tiled floor Deter unwanted pests from setting up camp under your pots .............and add that extra little bit of glamour to your pot All of our Potty Feet are hand-painted so colours may vary slightly between different production runs.
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