Premium shaving balm - chamomile scented

139,00 kr
gratis leverans

Premium shaving balm - chamomile scented

Premium shaving balm - chamomile scented

Pris: 139,00 kr
139,00 kr gratis leverans

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'Chamomile Scented' Small Batch of our 'Award-Winning Balm with 60% off our normal price Being a very small batch, we expect to sell out very quickly so BEST BE QUICK One of our latest batches of Shaving Balm has been strongly scented by a new source of therapeutic grade Chamomile we have been using, giving this small batch of our Award-Winning Shaving Balm a unique 'Chamomile' scent. However, as this is not our standard scent for our Shaving Balm, we are offering this at a one-off special price to existing customers only. This in no way changes the Shaving Balm in its efficiency, effectiveness or quality, the difference is purely cosmetic. This is simply one of the issues you get from time to time when you use 100% natural oils which have been grown in differing conditions and have not been infused with chemicals and preservatives. Terms & Conditions: Due to this being a one-off batch at a special price, we cannot offer the usual 'money-back' guarantee or normal terms & conditions of sale. You are buying this product knowing it is different from our standard Shaving Balm.

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