Lever Wire Nut Connectors, 50 Pcs 1 Conductor Inline Wire Connectors

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Lever Wire Nut Connectors, 50 Pcs 1 Conductor Inline Wire Connectors

Lever Wire Nut Connectors, 50 Pcs 1 Conductor Inline Wire Connectors

Pris: 849,00 kr
849,00 kr gratis leverans

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Safe and Reliable:lever wire connectors Selected flame retardant insulating material modified nylon PA66, which has a long life, no corrosion, anti-aging and pressure 4KV and against electrical shock. Used flame-retardant materials, internal shrapnel copper material, better conductive properties, can work continuously at 221 degrees Fahrenheit. Easy to Use:First strip the wire according to 13/32-15/32 inch, then push the orange lever up to 90 and pushin the wires, last push the lever down. When the wire is inserted into lever electrical connector and locked, the wire will not loosen. The terminal block connector has strong pull resistance. Space Saving:These lever wire connectors do not mess up the wires nearly as much, no need to twist a fistful of copper wires together. lever connectors are compact, super easy, reliable and reusable. They are very good at releasing the heat generated by the wires connected together. Time and Effort Save:lever wire connectors can quickly connect and remove wires, If you need to replace wires, simply pull up the orange levers, pull out the unneeded wires and replace them. There are test holes in every wire connector surface, it can be used to check whether the wires have electricity or not. Widely Used: lever wire nuts connectors can meet your different wiring demand because it can be splicing into 2/3/4/6 or any way conductor electrical connectors. It can connect any combination of solid, stranded, and flexible copper wires 28-12 AWG. It is widely used in sockets, switches, lamps, electrical boxes, chandeliers, loudspeakers, fan controls, and much more.

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