Splinter Cell Conviction PC Game

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Splinter Cell Conviction PC Game

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Note: A permanent Broadband internet connection is required to play. Sam Fisher. Off the grid. Outside of the system. Looking for the truth. For years, Sam Fisher has been off the grid and on his own, tracking his daughter's killer. The trail leads to the last place Sam wants to see again: Washington D.C. Now Sam must work with old friends he can no longer trust, forced to save a country that used him and threw him away. Unless he can stand against both a vast, faceless enemy and a corrupt Third Echelon, he'll never know the truth of what happened to his daughter. Become an enemy of the state, embroiled in a conspiracy that leads all of the way back to Capitol Hill, in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Features: Strike from the shadows or take the fight into the open with devastating and brutal force in the relentless pursuit of the truth. Outflank and outsmart your enemies with the Last Known Position system. Mark and execute your enemies using swift and spectacular takedown moves with weapons, hand-to-hand combat or the environment.
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