Tiffen 40.5mm photo essentials filter kit

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Tiffen 40.5mm photo essentials filter kit

Tiffen 40.5mm photo essentials filter kit

Pris: 899,00 kr
899,00 kr + 2 036,49 kr Leverans

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More economical than individual filter purchases. These multiple filter kits take the guesswork out of having a variety of creative filter effects at your fingertips. Pre-packaged assortments, with the combinations of Tiffen's most popular filters, provide a range of artistic possibilities for almost every photographic application and budget.UV Protector - Protects lens from dust, moisture, scratches, and breakage. Polarizer & Circular Polarizer - Essential for outdoor photography; deepens intensity of blue skies; reduces or eliminates glare. Use circular polarizers for auto-focus cameras, as recommended by the camera manufacturer.

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