Plant Cover Winter Frost Protection for Potted Plants & Tubs

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Plant Cover Winter Frost Protection for Potted Plants & Tubs

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The potted plant cover is suitable for outdoor plants, and provides protection from cold, wind, rain and dehydration. Durable material: Made of a special material with bonded edges that provide full protection and won¡¯t crack. The UV-resistant design is exceptionally durable. The reusable plant cover is ideal for protecting potted plants as well as free-standing plants, e.g. small trees, shrubs, shoots and crowns from cold, frost, wind, rain and dehydration year after year. Safely through the winter: Plant protection cover: The plant protection cover protects your cold-sensitive garden plants from dehydration, wind, frost, cold, rain, hail, snow and frosty nights. Package: 1* Plant Cover.

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